Graduated Los Angeles College of Chiropractic April of 1998.

My decision to become a Chiropractor took place after my first adjustment. I was 18 and unable to turn my head over my shoulder to check traffic. As a sophomore I had sustained an injury in wrestling. It left me believing this was the way it would always be. Had I known about chiropractic then, I could have saved myself years of pain and discomfort. By chance or luck, I went with a friend to the chiropractor. On one of these occasions I went to the treatment room with my friend. I asked, “Hey doc what do you think of this?” demonstrating my lack of ability to turn my head. I realize now when he came over and moved my head around he was doing a little cervical spine screening. It took a quick but gentle movement and… WOW! in that moment I regained the ability to look over my shoulder, something I hadn’t been able to do for years! I literally had an instantaneous release of endorphins! When I walked out of the office, I felt like I was walking on clouds. That experience put me on the path to help people through Chiropractic.

Prior to graduation, I began practicing in Lake Forest. While in school, Dr. Rick and I had talked about practicing together. When the opportunity to do this presented itself, I jumped at the chance to move my practice from Lake Forest right here to Newport Wellness. As with many people, I experienced some life changes and made a move to Lake Elsinore where I opened a brand new practice. While I did enjoy life in Lake Elsinore, it never really felt like home. I picked up the phone and called Dr. Rick who let me know, in no uncertain terms, that I was missed. Newport Wellness is a great place to be and I’m thankful to be back “home.” I have two beautiful daughters that I absolutely adore! I enjoy going to the beach, off-roading, camping, fishing and most any out door activity.

My goal is to help people achieve optimum wellness. When you are “well” it is not just an absence of symptoms, it is your body functioning the way it was designed. As in properly absorbing nutrition, discarding waste, protecting itself from toxins, and fighting off bacteria and viruses. Forty people go to a party… one person has the beginnings of a cold. Twenty people wake up with a cold the next day. Why not forty you ask, because they are not just absent of symptoms, they are truly “well” and able to fight off the cold. Chiropractic can help you be “well.” Combine it with lifestyle choices that include a healthy diet, exercise and rest and you have the recipe for a truly healthy life!