Youth Resources


Attention-deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are very controversial and highly emotional health conditions. There are basically two camps of theory on these conditions. One theory proposes a drug for treatment, and the other proposes a natural alternative (nutritional and behavioral). There are many side effects to the current medications recommended for this condition, such as stunt in growth and creating a predisposition to potential for drug abuse. Studies show that alternative nutritional, behavioral and chiropractic treatments may be effective in treating ADD/ADHD.


Scoliosis is a sideways curving of the spine and can usually be detected by comparing shoulder and hip heights. The first sign of the condition is often uneven pant leg lengths. Once scoliosis is detected and graded, frequent check-ups for progression are important for administering proper care. The effects of scoliosis may be minimized with proper spinal adjustments to improve overall spine movement and flexibility combined with specific stretches and exercises. If you or your child are showing signs of scoliosis, see your Chiropractor for a scoliosis evaluation.

Our Children

If the birthing process itself isn’t traumatic enough for the spine, the first few tries for walking is! Did you know that some deliveries are so traumatic that the child actually fractures their collar bone (clavicle) during the birthing process. As our children grow and become active in sports such as gymnastics, soccer, football, tennis, or when they begin to play a musical instrument, their growing spines are subject to tremendous amounts of stress. Gentle chiropractic care can help to keep our precious little one’s spine in line. Spinal alignment is so important, especially when we grow. Many of the spinal problems that we see in adults can be traced back to a childhood fall, injury, or more commonly, poor posture resulting from carrying back packs or spending endless hours playing video or computer games. It is very important at this development stage of their lives for you to seriously consider regular chiropractic care for your child.