Finger pressure applied along the acupuncture meridians works to reduce pain and promote relaxation.

Bodywork for the Childbearing Year®
Bodywork designed to focus on the specific needs of pre- and post-natal women.

Deep Tissue
Deep tissue massage focuses on relieving long-term patterns of resistance in the connective tissues and muscles of the body.


Deep bodywork coupled with dialogue to release chronic tension and stress

La Stone® Therapy

Hot and cold stone placement on the body flushes toxins and reduces pain and inflammation.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT) is a method of stimulating the lymph and body fluids. It is a very gentle hands-on procedure that helps to eliminate fluid retention, cleanses the body and eliminate toxins and trapped proteins in the tissues. It stimulates the immune system, promotes relaxation, and releases stress and emotional trauma.

Oncology Massage
Oncology massage is a bodywork session, tailored to meet the unique and changing needs of someone going through, or with a history of cancer treatments. This focused therapy incorporates reflexology and acupressure techniques to strengthen both physical and emotional wellbeing. These two methods are gentle, non-invasive techniques that assist in the restoration of health. An oncology trained massage therapist respects the limits of a body that may already be stressed by the disease and its treatments. Oncology massage therapists can recognize and work within a framework of clinical considerations such as low blood cell count, risk of bone metastases or blood clots and compromised lymph nodes.


This is a non-invasive therapy that uses pressurized thumb and finger-techniques on reflex points on the hands, feet, and ears. This practice is based on the walking premise that there is an invisible map of the human body on these areas. Reflexed area’s kinetic reaction travels through nerve pathways which are linked directly to corresponding nerves and points them back into the target regions in the body for the relief of pain and energy blockage.

Shiatsu utilizes finger-pressure and stretching techniques along the meridians and points of Traditional Chinese Medicine (the same points as acupuncture). A shiatsu massage focuses on unblocking the flow of chi, or life force energy, and restoring balance to the body’s organs, major body systems and meridians.


Long flowing strokes to increase circulation of blood and lymph. Promotes relaxation of the nervous system. Pregnancy Massage specifically for pre and postnatal women.